Villas in Galicia 


Our company provide a handful of selected villas in Galicia for holiday rental under self-catering mode.  


Some of these villas in Galicia are in the coast, near a beach, and other properties for rent in Galicia are close to important historic cities as Santiago de Compostela.

There are even a few which are real mansions, at same level or higher than luxury hotels. However why to pay to stay in a hotel when you can choose from a good range of high quality villas in Galicia, with their own garden, their own private pool, and whole exclusive use of the premises?.

And when you see the prices of the villas in Galicia we can offer, you will see that you are saving up to 50% of the costs you would have staying in a hotel, with all the comfort a private villa can offer.

Why settle for a hotel room when you can have more living space, a whole property for you chosen from our set of villas in Galicia?. Why go to a hotel when you can have more privacy, for quality time with family and friends?

More freedom, no set timetables, no set meals, come and go as you please.. Try the best for your holidays and start by renting one of our holiday villas in Galicia.